Batman 1989

The film's poster.

Batman is a 1989 superhero film directed by Tim Burton. It is the first film in Burton's film series. The film was written by Bob Kane, Sam Hamm, and Warren Skaaren. The movie was a very big hit.

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Cast Edit

  • Michael Keaton as Batman/ Bruce Wayne
  • Jack Nicholson as The Joker/ Jack Napier
  • Kim Basinger as Vicki Vale
  • Robert Wuh as Alexander Knox
  • Pat Hingle as Commissioner James Gordon
  • Billy Dee Williams as Harvey Dent
  • Michael Gough as Alfred Pennyworth
  • Jack Palance as Carl Grissom
  • Jerry Hall as Alicia Hunt
  • Tracey Walter as Bob the Goon
  • Lee Wallace as The Mayor
  • William Hootkins as Lt. Eckhardt
  • Richard Strange as Goon 1
  • Carl Chase as Goon 2
  • Mac MacDonald as Goon 3
  • George Lane Cooper as Goon 4
  • Terence Plummer as Goon 5
  • Philip Tan as Goon 6
  • John Sterland as Accountant
  • Edwin Craig as Rotelli
  • Vincent Wrong as Crimelord 1
  • Joel Cutrara as Crimelord 2

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