Fatal attractions

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Fatal Attractions is a show that runs on Animal Planet. It still runs today. It has so far reached three seasons. The show is mainly about people who bond with very dangerous animals in a bad way.

Season 1 Edit


A man lives with seven lizards in his apartment, and a woman shared the home with over twenty deadly snakes.

Big CatsEdit

The stories of people who keep dangerous big cats like tigers, lions, and leopards as pets and learn the big mistake they make by just one little mistake.


Our closest relative, stronger then we think, but some people find them to be most attractive and keep them as dangerous pets.

A Tiger Loose in HarlemEdit

In 2003, i giant tiger is moved from New York to Harlem. Veteran's tiger help him relive himself out of stress but another point of view reminds us of how dangerous these predators are.

Snakes in a Trailer!Edit

A young lady is found dead in her trailer full of pet snakes!

Don't Feed the BearsEdit

An elderly woman had a great life feeding bears, but soon they start to surround her property and she takes her last stand when trying to settle a conflict between a cub and an adult male.

My Pet PythonEdit

A man has a thirteen foot long python that coils around his neck all the time, making his family and friends very nervous.

Raging BullsEdit

A man pays his life when he trys to keep a bull as a pet. Later, Texas farmer keeps a bull as a pet and even gives it it's own room in the house.

A Tiger Stalks New JerseyEdit

A tiger loose in New Jersey causes a deadly problem. Later, a man keeps pet tigers and it soon costs him his life.

The Deadliest Show on EarthEdit

A school teacher finally gets his dream of owning a two ton Asian elephant, but he is not prepared for the risks and wants his daughters to follow his footsteps.

A Buffalo Rides ShotgunEdit

Three men decide to bring a buck, a buffalo, and a bull into their homes.

My Sister the LionEdit

A family is torn apart by a member's choice to become attached to keeping big cats.

There's a Crocodile in My BedEdit

A man keeps two saltwater crocodiles stored in his house, later a woman keeps three crocodiles in her house.

Season 2 Edit