Lost tapes

Promotional image for the series.

Lost Tapes is a TV show that ran on Animal Planet for three years. The show was mainly about tapes that might prove evidence of creatures that have not yet been proved of existance.

Season 1 Edit


When the Ramirez family attempts to cross the United States border, they are stalked by the blood sucking Chupucabra.


While trying to stop poachers, ranger Rachel Glen has a terrifying meet with a bigfoot.

Monster of MontereyEdit

While at the end of her trip, Sharon Novak encounters a big monster lurking under the waters just outside of Monterey Bay.

Swamp CreatureEdit

A university teacher and her nephew explore the swamp but have a dangerous encounter with the swamp creature.

Oklahoma OctopusEdit

A group of people are trapped on their raft after an encounter with a freshwater octopus.

Devil DragonEdit

While trying to film a pilot for a show of how to survive in the rainforest, Tim Akrin has a deadly encounter with an unkown creature.

Cave DemonsEdit

Three United States Marines descend into a cave and are attacked by an Olitiau.

Death RaptorEdit

A paranormal investigator looks into the sightings of an owlman in a church/